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On Our Way Century Collection

Hummel 472


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Good afternoon and welcome to all Hummel Lovers! You are looking at a very hard to find Hummel #472 "On Our Way". A very, very nice century collection hummel masterpiece that was first released in 1992 along with five other new figurines. This one is the seventh figurine in the Century Collection and was produced for only one year. It was modeled by the late and great master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek (who by chance we had the privilege of having a few of our other hummels signed by him, before his retirement) in 1986 but has an incised 1987 copyright date. Don't be fooled by the low starting price and don't try to wait till the last minute to bid as someone's gonna come along and snipe it right from under your nose.

A circular inscription applied by a blue decal read: "M.I. Hummel Century Collection 1992 XX" and the name "On Our Way" along with the trademark, either 6 or 7. It cost somewhere around $1500 and stands a good 8 1/4" tall. You should see her stand beside our 12" tall Meditation hummel. It's cute. Anyways with the opportunity of being stationed in Germany and close to the Hummel Factory, our hummels are signed by a master painter. This baby of ours was signed by masterpainter Diana Granzin. Now depending on who you ask, they will tell you either one, it doesn't affect it in anyway or yes it does increase the value. So if I was to ask you if you have a golf ball signed by Tiger Woods when he won the last Masters Tournament, do you think that would be more highly collectible. Enough said.

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Last Updated: 22OCT08