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Perception is the first step towards Progression


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We took an interest in collecting these fabulous pieces known as Dresdens when we were stationed in Germany. We enjoyed the European atmosphere and the great places to visit. From Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, to Disneyland Paris, through the Italian landscape. If you haven't had a chance to visit Europe...We would highly suggest it. It is one fun and interesting place to visit. I'm constructing this website to advertise my "skills" and use it for reference. I retired after 20years in the US Army and moved from one federal job to another. Anyways...If you're an aol user you might catch me logged on AOL sometime. So if you're on and wanna ask something...IM me, a.k.a. JT2QUICK.... My real name is Jerwin Tabor.

Our passion for collecting also extends to M.I. Hummels, Lladros, Capodimonte and porcelain flowers. We would like to introduce people, who are interested, to a wide variety of collectables. I'm not gonna get into a philosophical discussion here of materialistic worth and values and any of that...... That's reserved farther down below. I would just like to inform people about some of the best things in life to collect. Art? THIS IS ART!!! You can pass these down from generation to generation.

There is of course a wide variety to start one's collections from. Rare stamps to baseball cards to fine bone china. Dresdens, Hummels and other fine porcelain are in their own right one of the best to collect. They will seldom lose their value. They age in time like fine wine. Other than one of the most beautiful things to observe and collect, they also let other people know about someone's character, to a degree of course.

Now as to why the others you ask and not just Dresdens? Well you can only please some people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time. Dresdens are not for everybody, that's why I've also shown our limited M.I. Hummel collection here along with a few others. Hummels in their own right are very nice to collect and it's fair enough to say, we're more inclined to collect Hummels than Dresden. There's something about the children depicted in the Hummels that can brighten anyone's day. Mostly wearing oversized shoes and their happy faces showing them engaged in some playful event. To us the limited editions, special editions, hard to acquire Hummels are the best to get. I know a friend that secured the down payment on his California home just on the value of his collections combined. And I'm not talking about some rinky-dink, run-down in the middle of Gotham City shack here either.

Because of my happy nature and open personality, I sometimes indulge in a humorous dialogue that sometimes makes people wonder if I am ever serious. Well....only my close friends really know my fun character and if that makes you uneasy, my apologies. So rest assured that I've just passed my recent mental evaluation with flying colors and I'm off to see the wizard.

If you feel you don't want to read anymore....then by all means then just jump right to the picture gallery and browse away. But if you want to know more of how I feel about life, then by all means.......

Since I am lucky enough to have a website, I will indulge myself.... Remember the 5 Fs of life and you can not go wrong! Family, Faith, Fortitude, Fitness, and Fun! They're self explanatory but if you look deeper... you'll see that finding the right balance in all five can only lead to a happy life. We're not talking about how much money you have, or your status in life, or your color or sex... We're talking about how you live life.

Family to me is very important and although not for everybody, I believe family builds the foundation of how a person's character will be shaped! Look at it this way Family is similar to a house. Because a house is not a house unless you have a roof above and a strong foundation below. Everything else in between you can fix. The roof is your family which shelters, protects and keeps everything inside in a clean, peaceful setting and the foundation is your character, from the time you came out to the present. If either one is "contaminated" or "changed" then it will change one's being. It guides your actions and your way of thinking. Don't worry, Grasshopper... someday you will understand.

For the majority of people, when they have family, it changes their perspective considerably. Family oriented people tend to take on tasks assigned to them with a better sense of duty.

Now that I have a picture up here don't be shy in asking any questions you might have. I have nothing to hide and I believe that if there's people out there who wants to do other people harm, then they will find some way to do it, no matter what. So I might as well tell everyone my real name and my way of life, because without the two with me now and the way I was raised....I wouldn't have had a chance to enjoy life as I have. If you haven't had a chance to get out, then I would suggest Germany, then Italy and France in that order. It is so relaxing that it's better than a "box of chocolates" and if you can't stand sweets then you'd better just get a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and satisfy yourself. Unlike the states...time goes slowly by in good ole' Deutschland and you get to enjoy it. I guess you can say it's like moving out to the country. But as to where we stayed I wouldn't go as far as saying that we were living in a little house on the prairie, but there sure wasn't any local 7-Eleven or Kum and Go store around the corner. But it's a very nice place to visit. From Cinderella's castle at Neuschwanstein Castle to where the hills are alive where Julie sang the Sounds of Music on the Austrian border. And of course try out Disneyland Europe. Or for the speed freaks out there... there's always the infamous AUTOBAHN!!!

Get in a "Beamer" and just GO FOR IT!!!

Thanks for reading. Have fun, enjoy life and by all means...have a nice day!

Well now you can't say that I'm a total stranger. Thanks for stopping by...and we'll see you in Holy Family Church!

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Please Note: We are in no way affiliated with M.I. Hummels, Capodimonte or EZ-GO and we are working strictly as independents. All pictures on this website are from our very own collections. So don't think I drew the pictures out of MS Paint. Do I look like VanGough? Don't answer that.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
--Theodore Roosevelt--

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