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For Mother

Hummel 257

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For Mother was first modeled by a combination of sculptors in 1962. Has an incised 1963 copyright date. First sold in the U.S. in 1964. No unusual variations have been recorded. A new small size Hum 257 2/0 was issued in 1985 at a suggested retail price of $50. This new small size figurine has an incised 1984 copyright date. The large size has now been renumbered 257/0. In 1996 a 2 3/4 inch (3 1/4" with base) with incised model number 257 5/0 was produced as part of the "Pen Pals" series of personalized name card table decorations. The original issue price was $55.

This one stands at 5 1/4 inches, has the trademark TM7 and is around $225. She is shown here on a very nice Hummelscape that is quite appropriate. Just for your information... Oeslau is the name for the village where the W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik is located. Oeslau is now a part of the City of Roedental, Germany. The name "Oeslau" appears on Hum348 "Ring Around the Rosie."

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Last updated: 1DEC01