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Disney Hummels

Donald, Mickey, Winnie the Pooh

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They originally came out in sets, but we do not have their counterparts here. We were only able to acquire the individual pieces. These delightful limited edition sets were produced exclusively for the Walt Disney Disneyanna annual conventions held in either Florida or California starting in 1992. Each set contained a normal production "M.I.Hummel" figurine and a Disney Look-A-Like figurine to match. Each set came witha black hard wood base, recessed in the center for positioning the two figurines, and a metal inscription plate n the base. The Disney figurines have an incised model number, a "@ Disne" decal and the Goebel trademark. The Disney figurines were modeled by master sculptor Marion Huschka. These sets normally sell in teh $500-700 price range on today's secondary market.

Donald is the counterpart of Hummel 240, the Little Drummer. Mickey is the counterpart of Hummel 87, For Father. And can you guess who the counterpart of Winnie the Pooh is? Email me and let me know. Donald, Mickey and Winnie the Pooh are all signed by master painter Ms. Gotze. Check out that Goebel Celebration backstamp on the bottom. We're not sure how much they would be worth without their counterpart.

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Last updated: 1DEC01