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1977 Annual Plate

Hummel 270 Apple Tree Boy

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This is the 1977 Annual Plate, Hummel 270 called Apple Tree Boy. This nice annual plate measures 7 1/2" in diameter. It was produced with the TM5 trademark. The original issue price of this piece was $50.50

The plate we have here was signed by Master Painter Isabella Then and Ms. Gotze on 20Feb99 in wonderful Germany. It is a closed edition and cost over $125.

The best one to get is the early sample. Before production commenced, the boy's shoes were changed to a slightly different angle and the boy's stockings were reversed (his right one is higher than the left in most known examples. This rare looking one (the one who's feet is angled slightly lower..more parallel and his right stockin is lower than his left...is the best because it can reach up to $5000 +

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Last Updated: 1DEC01