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This is the Peacekeeper Set. It consists of 2 figurines: Evening Prayer (4" high) and Come Back Soon (4 1/2" high). It includes a base (7 3/4" long), an Esprit de Corps plaque (4" diameter) and a certificate. This set is a Limited Edition of 3,000 pieces sold worldwide. Can you believe that? Only 3,000 pieces. As you can see on the front is inscribed, "Saluting the Peackeepers of Operation Joint Endeavor, Operation Joint Guard, and Operation Joint Forge."

It is hard-to-find and quite rare. Each charming, handcrafted and handpainted earthenware figurine is a special collector's item. It is MINT in the ORIGINAL BOX. These two babies were signed by master painter Ulrike Goetze.

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Last Updated: 1DEC01