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Fanfare Century Collection

Hummel 1999

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This is Fanfare Century Collection and it was first released in the U.S. market in the fall of 1998. This is the 14th and final figurine in the Century Collection and was produced for only this one year(1999) in the twentieth century. It was modeled by master sculptors Helmut Fischer and Marion Huschka in 1993. It has an incised 1993 copyright date. A circular inscription applied by blue decal reads: "M.I. Hummel 1999 XX Final Edition-Century Collection" and the name "Fanfare" along with the TM7 trademark. It came with a hardwood base with brass plaque: "Century Collection 1999/Letzte Ausgabe - Final Edition". The official issue price was $1275 in 1999. The incised "M.I. Hummel" signature is perpendicular on the back of the hummel.

It stands a good 11 inches, a closed edition and is a trademark TM7. This one is signed by two master artist. Isabella Then and Silke Renner. We were able to go to the Goebel factory itself in Roedenthal, Germany.

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